Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sort Of The Food

J and I have enjoyed joking that Barking Baby really only knows us as The Food and Not The Food. J is a wonderful daddy and often gets up in the middle of the night and changes BB's diaper before calling me in to feed him - he says that BB is typically quiet and easily calmed during these times, until he calls to me to that BB is ready to eat and I respond with "Okay" or "I'll be right in" - apparently as soon as BB hears my voice he launches into passionate cries, aware that The Food is coming and he wants it NOW!

J gave BB his first bottle on July 3rd -mommy listened to him cry and cry for The Food, confused about "Where is The Food because I'M HUNGRY?!?" until he finally latched on to the special "breastflow" bottles (after 10-15 heart-wrenching (for mommy) minutes). Since then BB gets a bottle once a day and is doing pretty well (with no subsequent problems breastfeeding) and J has been officially upgraded to Sort Of The Food.

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