Tuesday, December 24, 2013

So This Is Christmas {2013}

Our Christmas celebration, in no particular order

Feliz Navidad! from the Barking Baby boys

BB has been learning songs non-stop at preschool.

Tonight, before rushing off to the Christmas Eve service at church

Candlelight service at church

Candlelight service

The little men were bouncing off the walls the entire service. We survived...barely.

Performing at church

Christmas cowboys

Hot cocoa and tree trimming

Hot cocoa and tree trimming

SS, burying himself in books

Friendsgivingmas 2013

Friendsgivingmas 2013

Friendsgivingmas 2013

Gingerbread house construction

Gingerbread house decorating

Winterhaven nativity

First ever homemade cinnamon rolls, for Christmas morning (taste tested on Christmas Eve)

This little Advent sticker countdown has been such a simple way to anticipate Christmas morning. The boys take turns putting the star stickers on each date. BB's preschool gave it to us! Along with our Advent Bible stories each night, for once I actually feel like I experienced the whole of Advent - expectantly building up to the joy of Christmas morning, the celebration of the birth of Immanuel, God With Us. 

This year's Christmas card display

It's THE year - the BIKE year. Can't wait!!!

And an encore performance, for the sweet dance moves.

Merry merry Christmas to you and yours!