Thursday, July 16, 2009

Doctor's orders and our baby's obedience issues

Barking Baby's clogged tear duct is much better - we rarely have any goopies (and never the yellow-greeny=infected kind that told us there was a problem in the first place) and only have a little clear drainage (tears) about once a day. BB hates when I wipe his face and I think part of the reason is because of all the firm eye-wiping I had to do to loosen those crusties when it was infected.

I got a clean bill of health last week at my doctor's appointment - Oh, other than the recommendation that I never give birth via the natural path again! Men, avert your eyes from the rest of this paragraph: because I had a 4th degree tear the doctor said that I should really consider the C-section option next time I am giving birth, as studies have shown that if there is rectal tissue damage a second time there is a risk of permanent rectal incontinence.....!?! Are you freaking kidding me?! This was disheartening news, as the first time I got the C-section recommendation, Dr. D. did not give me the "studies have shown" information. When I asked Dr. H about it at my 10-day follow up, she encouraged me with her personal story of a triumphant natural delivery with the birth of her second child after the traumatic, tearing, forceps delivery birth of her first child. I thought, okay, I will be able to deliver normally again, case closed. No mention of the risk of permanent rectal incontinence, not until my 6-week follow up with Dr. F. Dr. F. is the one who gave me the "studies have shown" talk. I am saddened by this information, as BB's birth was a beautiful, meaningful experience, despite the fact that nearly everything in my birth plan went out the window - it was amazing to watch his journey into the world, a true miracle, regardless of the conditions. I feel a deep sense of loss when I think that I may never experience that again. All in all, I know that none of this is a surprise to the Lord, and when the time comes I will pray for peace in whatever decision I make.

Okay, this paragraph resumes the male-friendly regularly scheduled programming. Mommy and BB (and Daddy!) are healthy and happy, praise the Lord. The only problem is BB's issues with authority - he is a very disobedient baby; despite his mother's clear instructions of "Don't grow", he continues growing like a weed! He grew out of his going-home-from-the-hospital outfit last week and today I put another outfit on him that was all big and baggy the first week and today the pants are nearly too short! While it's amazing to watch him change, it's sad to think he will never be so tiny again. The only comfort I have in BB's rebellious development is the realization I had a few days ago: J and I think we would like to have several children and it occurred to me that (depending on how many kids we have) I will probably be pregnant or taking care of a baby for the next 10 years!! (Crazy!) So while BB will keep on growing, hopefully our family will too.

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  1. Lil H isn't fond of those face cleanings either. She gets especially upset when that nasal aspirator comes out. :( Give the little one a hug for me!