Thursday, July 30, 2009

Barking squirrel

About half of my daily thoughts are about my milk – Is BB getting enough milk? Am I making enough milk? How come I pumped twice as much milk last time? How is what I’m eating going to affect my milk? Do I have enough milk stored up for when I have to go back to work? Will I make enough milk then? What if my milk disappears!? Milk milk milk milk milk. Maybe I should blog about my milk.

Now that you have a small window into my obsession with my milk, you will understand my surprise when I found out that BB is not using my milk in the conventional manner. Meaning most babies drink their milk and then swallow it down, allowing themself to be nourished. BB, on the other hand, has taken to hoarding his milk in his cheeks!!

See the milk hiding in his cheek there? At first J and I thought maybe it was spit up, but we checked and it isn't curdled like they say spit up is supposed to be. I guess he's storing it up for winter (or maybe just a nap). Either way, we love our little squirrel.

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