Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 6-week Birthday BB!

Barking Baby celebrated his 6-week birthday with his first visit to our church The VCC. The VCC is truly one of my favorite places, for many reasons which mostly boil down to this: people there truly seek to know God more, love God more, and love people just as they are. BB met many people who have been waiting and praying for him, and slept in the church nursery with mommy most of the time. J and I are so thankful for our church which over the past 9 years has encouraged us to be changed in our daily lives by God's Word and Jesus' love.

After a long recovery nap (for BB and mommy), we went and celebrated his cousin's 6th birthday with dinner with family. For the first time, BB was passed around to visit with different family members, and he was very sweet the whole time. He even gave his auntie Seenie one of his very first smiles! Mommy and Daddy are still waiting to see that smile again!

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