Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy 2 Month Birthday BB!!

Happy 2 Month Birthday BB!

If you think he looks bigger in this photo, that's because he is! Today at the doctor BB weighed 11 lbs 14 oz, and is 24 1/4 inches long! BB's head and weight measured around the 50th percentile, and his length was above the 90th percentile!! He's very tall for his age!

BB took his vaccinations like a champ today - some crying with the pokes, but he calmed easily and went right to sleep, and so far the rest of the day has been full of normal eating, playing, and cooing, no extra-fussiness included! Here are his battlewounds:

I can't believe 2 entire months have passed since he was born. In those 2 months BB has changed in so many ways! He now smiles back at us often (including when we peek over his crib after a nap) and is also smiling at the sun toy on his activity mat, which is adorable! He's batting at his toys when he sits in his bouncy seat and likes lying on his back on the couch or activity mat (which he hated until the last few weeks). We get to have many conversations as BB now coos back at us when we talk to him. According to Daddy, he is also good at keeping secrets (J told BB what mommy's birthday present is, and BB hasn't spilled the beans yet). He has grown even more inquisitive, staring and staring at the new world around him as his vision develops - when we walk from room to room he looks around at that, and that, and that! He is holding his head very steady when he's awake (but when he gets sleepy he does a lot of head-butting mommy which smarts both of us a bit). Yesterday he even rolled from his tummy to his back on his activity mat (but refused to duplicate it for video or daddy) (His first roll over actually happened on July 2nd when he rolled from his tummy to his back in his crib twice in a row, but he hadn't done it since then)!! Happy Birthday BB!! Thank you for the happiest 2 months of my life!!

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