Thursday, July 23, 2009

just today +happy epilogue

Today BB went on an adventure to the Tucson Children's Museum with his cousins B and K:

Then we went to lunch at Bisonwitches where we ate on an outdoor patio and BB got a little hot (despite the patio fans), so mommy created some makeshift air conditioning out of a wet napkin:

We were out of the house for several hours and BB was exhausted when we got home – after a mid-afternoon meal, he laid down for a long nap and I did a sewing project. Swaddling BB is very necessary as it adds hours to his naps but in our 100+ degree weather I feel bad wrapping him in a flannel blanket, so I sewed some light swaddle wraps out of a sheet for him. Planning to try them out tonight!

[ SIDENOTE: If the FBI were smart, they would start recruiting novice parents – parents of newborns are burgeoning experts in performing covert operations (do NOT wake up the baby while getting out the sewing machine or starting the laundry) and solving mysteries (WHY are you still crying?). Newborn parents have also developed sophisticated night vision, able to navigate in pitch black at 3 am. Surely these skills would be beneficial.]

After I initially posted this Daddy, Mommy, and BB had some special time together. BB was all smiles and coos and even seemed like he was trying to laugh a couple of times as he learned he could reach out and touch Mommy's face over and over again. BB just yesterday was intentionally batting at one of his toys while sitting in his bouncy seat, happy as a clam (he is also starting not to protest anytime we put him in his bouncy seat for more than 5 minutes - yay!), so he is just learning he can reach for things and touch them and that he is in control of it. It's truly amazing and joyful to watch him wonder and learn, and I'm honored that my face got to be a prop in his development. I love being a mommy. My heart is full of this little one.

Okay time to sleep before BB houdinis his way out of his swaddle, subsequently waking himself up, as he has been doing the last couple of nights.


  1. Your little guy is so cute! Your posts cracked me up!! So did you really end up getting a filtration system? Glad to see all the fun times.

  2. Haha, no we didn't, but J had to talk me down after a lengthy discussion. And my sis-in-law reminded me that as long as I'm using the water filter on my fridge for the baby stuff I should be fine. :) Glad you are enjoying the blog, hope you're doing well!