Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy 8 Months!

Happy 8 Months SS!

Here are some random facts about our 8-month old:

This month SS sat up unassisted for the first time! He is still pretty unsteady and isn't sitting up on his own to play yet, but we can feel his core muscles getting stronger and stronger.

SS is in the midst of learning to wave - when you wave at him he will lift his hand or wiggle his fingers - you can see him starting to put the pieces together.

I know for sure that SS understands the word "kiss". I started suspecting that SS was kissing us back when he was about 5 months old and would open his mouth when I gave him a kiss. This month SS started grabbing the hair on either side of my face to pull me in towards his waiting open, drooly mouth which he mashes on mine - and if I say "Give me kisses" or something like that, he leans in open-mouthed and plants a wet (open-mouthed) one on me. So I know that he comprehends "kiss" - and it's a fitting first word for this physically affectionate little guy to understand.

The television remote is like his Holy Grail - he is oh-so-fixated on getting it into his mouth.

This month this boo boo started holding his own bottle, which is a conveniently timed development, as he gets a bottle a lot more often these days now that he drinks formula in addition to breastmilk. SS prefers his formula to have at least some breastmilk mixed in, but takes the formula straight-up more and more willingly. (Initially he wouldn't take a formula bottle from me at all, only J, but now when he sees a bottle he gets anxious and grabby and "get in my mouth!"-y, no matter who it's coming from (and even if it's not his!)).

And this month SS let out his first real giggles. Before now, SS has squealed and cooed and made other joyful noises that seemed like laughter and were timed like laughter but really just couldn't qualify as full-on laughs. But this month, while under a tickle attack, some bonafide giggles erupted out of this baby boy.

SS is becoming increasingly mobile. In addition to rolling, he started using his arms to drag or turn his body, mostly on the slick wood laminate.

For a week this month SS became really distracted while eating, unlatching and turning his head side to side at the slightest noises, gazing around rooms as though he'd never seen them before - his eyes were bright and alert, and while watching him I realized that his vision had expanded! So he was observing things he hadn't been able to see before.

GG surprised us with a visit on SS's 8-Month Birthday

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