Friday, March 2, 2012

Ridiculously Overdue Recap: 2 1/2 Years Old (at the end of November)

***So I started writing this waaaaaay back in November, and even though the post is totally incomplete and it's over 3 months later, I still think it's worth posting***

At 2 1/2 years old, BB's speech is so developed - he's talking in full sentences. BB tells us what he wants and what he likes. He's becoming a person. Honestly, I wish I could just live stream him constantly, because capturing who he is with words on a screen feels so futile. He's passionate, and funny, and determined, and enthusiastic, and sweet, and so, so smart, and has all these cute little language nuances. And I've done nothing to teach him not to talk in the third person.

Mama: "When we get home we'll have some of that pizza for lunch."
BB: "Uhhhh, BB is all-done."
Mama: "You're not hungry? What about some grapes? Do you want some grapes?"
BB: "Uhh, BB want some gapes."
Mama: "Okay, we'll have some grapes and some pizza when we get home."
BB: "Just gapes. No pizza."

We are still somewhere in the middle of the process of potty training. My new strategy is to try to have him sit on the potty for a little while and read some books every day before nap, since he often poops once he's relaxing before he falls asleep. He has had success a couple of times so far. (Current Life Update: Um, there's really no update. :) That's not totally true - he will use the potty anytime I take him, and he wears a pull-up except for nap and bedtime. The trouble is that he (mostly) doesn't tell us he needs to potty, we have to initiate almost every time. And he's not interested in stopping playing to potty. So us parents still need potty-training :/).

His first-born traits are many and obvious, one of which is that he likes things orderly. One night waaaaaay after bedtime, we heard noise from his room, and we went in and found this:
BB had sorted and orderly arranged his blocks. Such a little engineer.

Here's how he lounged in bed while we marveled over his block arrangements.

I love my big boy!

***Okay, totally incomplete post, but I'm rolling with it!***

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