Friday, March 2, 2012

Ridiculously Overdue Recap: Jolly Jammies (and other Christmas Clothes)

SS's First Christmas outfit

This is BB's hat from his dedication on Christmas Eve in 2009 - I love seeing it on SS!

Dressed up for the Christmas Eve service at church

Matchy Christmas jammies from GG! (These also came with a personalized pillowcase for BB!)
The big cuteness of these jammies is that they are personalized with the boy's names - but here in Top-Secret-Name-Land (also known as: I-Will-Not-Enable-You-To-Kidnap-My-Adorable-Kids-Land (also known as: Paranoid-Mommy-Land)) I had to blur out the names. Just imagine a big white SS above Rudolph and a red BB where his left shirt pocket would be - adorbs!

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