Thursday, April 5, 2012

BB is for Big Brother

We were staying with some friends out of town and we were all sleeping in one room, BB in one pack-and-play (which he can now easily climb out of) and SS in another. We had laid the boys down for bed and then stayed up watching a movie with our friends. When J and I finally stumbled bleary-eyed into the dark bedroom, I peeked into BB's pack-and-play to check on him...except I couldn't see him. I waited a minute for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, searching over the lumps of pillows and blankets, trying to make out my little boy's form. Nothing. He was not in his pack-and-play.

"J, where's BB?" I quickly whispered, thinking maybe I had dawdled farther behind J than I thought and maybe J had some reason to put BB into our bed.

"He's in the pack-and-play."

"Uh, no. He's not."

The night before, BB had climbed out of his pack and play and rendevous'd with his best friend Little C - A found them holding hands in the hallway, and we all thought it was adorable. J and I both thought BB must have gone to find Little C. And then J peeked into SS's pack-and-play, and called me over.

Later BB told J that SS had been sad and that's why he went into SS's bed. He loves to comfort SS and give him his pacifier, so it makes sense.

I love looking at BB's body crammed into the pack-and-play in this picture, legs nearly contorted and head threatening to burst through the mesh of the pack-and-play wall - his discomfort completely trumped by his love for his baby brother.
He's the best big brother.

Some other sweet BB photos:

BB playing trains

A "birthday cake"

At the zoo

All boy, playing

Look at that attitude!


  1. Awwwwww this is absolutely adorable!!! I would have first panicked and then finding them together would have probably made me all wooshy!! Too cute!

  2. This is the sweetest story ever!

  3. Hannah is obsessed with 'birthday cake' right now too. We had one almost exactly like BB's just this very morning - no joke! Can't wait to get them together again :)

  4. That is the cutest thing ever! BB is getting SO big!