Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ridiculously Overdue Recap: Christmas (Eve) Cookies

Oh, that's right, it's March and I am still talking about Christmas.

Our boys were sick when J's fam got together to decorate Christmas cookies, but I still really wanted to decorate cookies so our little family decided to do it on Christmas Eve day.
(In all of my Type-A glory, I had made a list
(obviously) of all the Christmas activities I wanted to do and then listed off dates we could potentially do these activities - I was actually excited when this one got bumped to Christmas Eve day because it seemed like a perfect way to celebrate this sort-of-holiday.)

BB helped make the frosting

Adding food coloring

Watching the frosting change color

Finally decorating cookies
(I bought cookie dough to cut out some stress)

Showing off his Christmas Cookie

(SS was napping)

And here are all of our awesome cookies!
J's are always the best - there's a Tucson Snowman (covered in dirt and rocks), and the best is at the bottom, the "Away in a Manger" cookie

Dressed up for the Christmas Eve service at church later that evening

After the Christmas Eve service, we went to J's sister's neighborhood, Winterhaven, which is famous in Tucson for it's Christmas lights. We just walked one street, but it was still fun.

Here's BB being the moose you can see in the background :)

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