Friday, February 3, 2012

SS's First Food

Monday night we fed SS his first food, homemade brown rice cereal. At first he seemed to like it, as you can see in our video:

(Also, in the video you can hear BB's concern that the food is too hot - BB doesn't like food hot or even warm. A few weeks ago I asked him if he wanted a grilled peanut butter and jelly and I told him it would be yummy and warm, and he said "Not hot. Not warm. Cold." He's such a nutter. A very specific nutter.)

But then after a few minutes SS decided he was not impressed with this strange new texture and unfamiliar taste.

And then we added some banana to it, I thought the sweetness would make him like it more, but he reacted worse to the banana rice cereal than to the plain rice cereal!

Last night we fed SS peas mixed with the rice cereal, and the peas were a hit - he would open his mouth almost-eagerly for the spoonful of watery-greenish-ricemush. BB also wanted a bite, and said "Mmmmmm" in an exaggerated 2-syllables. After shunning the delicious corn and cheese chowder I had made for his actual dinner, of course. Green mush, Mmmmmmm. Peas were BB's favorite in the beginning too.

And sidenote: making your own rice cereal? Ridiculously easy and quick. It really is just rice ground up really finely in the blender or food processor (I use our truly magical Magic Bullet). I made most of BB's baby food too (this is when I learned about the Magic Bullet's magicality), but I never really researched it since it seemed pretty simple - steam/bake/smash whatever food I wanted to feed him and, depending on the consistency I was going for, put it in the Magic Bullet, add water, bulletize (I just made that up when I was trying to decide between typing "blend" or "process"), and voila, baby food. But I bought BB's rice cereal, since that seemed complicated and mysterious. Well, I skimmed through most of Super Baby Food on our way up to Phoenix to visit friends last weekend and I learned that rice cereal really is just rice ground into a fine powder (I thought for sure there was more to it than that - no mystery after all) and that as far as other food was concerned, my original technique was spot-on.

***Sorry for the grainy photos, our camera ran out of batteries and we used our old one - such a huge difference in photo quality!!


  1. Couldn't watch the video (internet too slow), but, I didn't know you had a magic bullet!! How did I not know that?? Also, I want one :) Love you!

  2. Kendar - J's mom and dad gave us the Magic Bullet for Christmas one year and we almost got rid of it before BB was born, but decided to hang onto it, and it ended up being perfect to make baby food! SOOO glad I didn't get rid of it!!!

  3. I love it, sis!! :)

  4. Haha! I love his facial expressions!! Adorable!