Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ridiculously Overdue Recap: O Christmas Tree

On Thanksgiving weekend I ignored my cold for a couple of hours so we could decorate our Christmas tree.

We adopted our BFF Team P's method of Christmas tree decorating (although we hold off until after Thanksgiving while BFF Dr. A likes their tree up mid-November). We lay out all of our ornaments and then each person picks an ornament to hang on the tree anywhere they want.

We also add a family ornament to the tree each year (another tradition we adopted from Team P - A is a Christmas enthusiast). I like to make the ornament something meaningful to us or our year, but sometimes it's just a cute one.

Here's BB hanging one of a set of four felt and sequined Wizard of Oz ornaments that my grandmother made.

2011's ornament was courtesy of GG, who gave us a personalized monkey family ornament.

Our little family, basking in the yuletide cheer

(Notice there is no "hybrid tree" after last year's debacle...)

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