Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentines

It was a happy day with my sweet Valentines.

BB was given a card with a lollipop as we left the gym nursery.
"BB, it's a Vaaaaalentine for youuu!" I cooed.
BB promptly pulled off the lollipop and threw the card on the ground, right in front of the woman who handed it to him. I think he thought it was a wrapper. Despite my urging to pick up his Valentine, he held up the lollipop and happily left the nursery.

This isn't Valentine-related, but last week I walked in the living room where I had left SS lounging on his playmat. After getting BB set up with lunch, I walked back out to the living room, and SS was.......gone? Where was he?
I walked a little further into the room and realized the SS had rolled himself right under the couch. :)

In the last week BB started calling SS "Boo Boo Bear" just like I do, only it sounds like "Boo Boo Bayw". His Granacky said she heard BB comforting a fussy SS when she was in the other room, "It's okay Boo Boo Bayw".

"Diamond-tines day?"
If we can keep that up, it will be a lucky, lucky girl who marries BB.

We made Valentine's for a Lovey Party - I looked up heart-shaped animals so that we could make boy paper valentines.

BB picked all the colors and who he wanted to have which animals for the Valentines and colored them and helped stick them all together - those are snakes, a shark, a fish, a sheep, a racoon, and an owl. I love this creative, boyish spin on paper Valentines, but not as much as I loved an afternoon of crafting with one of my Valentines. He's mine.

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  1. So much cuteness in one post! I may overdose! Love it. Such adorable little guys you have there!