Monday, January 30, 2012

Ridiculously Overdue Recap: A Crafty Thanksgiving Completed

So waaaaaay back in November, I told you all about some Thanksgiving crafts we did with BB and my nieces B and K - you can revisit them here and here.

Well, on Thanksgiving the kids used their crafts to tell the Thanksgiving story to the adults during dinner. It was such a sweet presentation - B really took the lead and guided K and BB through the storytelling, and the adults all laughed and enjoyed the show (and the abundance of cuteness).

Pilgrim hats and mayflower pictures

The littlest pilgrim

Native Americans making their special entrance

Showing off their "fish"

I love this next series of photos - take a look at SS

Our family on Thanksgiving

Eating Thanksgiving dinner

SS wearing the turkey shirt that I made for BB's first Thanksgiving

Okay, one Ridiculously Overdue Recap post down, "thankfully"!

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