Sunday, October 2, 2011

Snapshots of September

Good news about me: my follow-up glucose screen (that I had to do because of the gestational diabetes) came back normal. Woohoo! Bring on the carbs! (Not like I've been waiting on that at all, but it's nice to know that my body is processing them normally again.)
The boys are keeping us busy for sure - they really are both so much fun.
SS just started smiling and cooing back at us when we talk to him.
And BB is a topic chock full of funny.

A few times this month when I put BB down for his nap and said something like "It's time to sleep" he would tell me "Tyrone sleeping" - I was like, huh? And he would clarify, telling me what Tyrone was doing, and then laugh and laugh. Who's Tyrone? J later told me that Tyrone is a character on Backyardigans. Ohhhhhh. Tyrone jumped off the screen and into BB's imagination - BB brought him up a few times, and it was cute hearing about what his little imaginary friend was up to (usually whatever BB was up to).

E's birthday tea party!
BB got to dress up and SS wore his first party hat.

To BB, everything right now is "big" or "tiny", or "Daddy" and "Mama". We were reading a dinosaur book and he pointed to two dinosaurs that looked the same but were different sizes, and said "[deep voice] BIG Daddy dinosaur, [high voice] Tiny BB dinosaur," and then he studied the page for a minute, found another similar looking medium-sized dinosaur and said "Big tiny mama dinosaur!" I like that I am somewhere in the middle. :) And now he adds in SS too, finding the smallest thing in a grouping. Oh, and he also starting saying "biraffe" for "giraffe".

BB's blanket, his lovey, doubling as a pirate hat

Found these guys passed out after dinner

BB helped Mama bake for the first time - here he is stirring the zucchini-carrot muffin batter.

When BB wants to tell J something but J doesn't tune in right away, BB grabs J's face with one hand on each cheek, turns J's head, and puts his little face right up close to J's to ensure he has Daddy's rapt attention while he talks.

Cheering on the Bears with the boys decked out in new welcome-SS-Bears gear from Team K!

Lately I walk into the living room and find that BB has carried the wooden step stool from the bathroom sink over to where we store the DVDs and is pulling a movie out himself, often after I have told him that we're not going to watch a movie. Now that's problem-solving. This kid is so independent and determined and smart. Two smart.

What can I say, the boy loves to wear shoes. Any shoes.

GG came to visit!

And so did my cousin, who got to meet SS

And those are some snapshots of our September. Now it's time for pumpkins, cranberries, chai, and cinnamon, lots and lots of cinnamon - oh how I love the flavors of Fall. Bring on October!


  1. I wish you could have been a fly on the wall as I looked at this post w/ Hannah. She was convinced BB and SS were Hannah and Breeley. 'Hannah's wearing momma's shoes.' No, that's BB wearing mama's shoes, etc. Then in the last one she said 'Breeley's drinkin mama's milk' b/c the way you're holding SS looks like he could be nursing. :) Too funny. BB is a mess!! I can't wait to see them together!

  2. I LOVE this post - so many things about it are so sweet! Big daddy dinosaur! The shoes! J and SS! Love love love.