Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three Months

SS turned three months old in Washington state, taking his first airplane ride to visit his aunt and uncle and cousins, where we celebrating Fall and Halloween. More on that later.

At three months old,

SS is sleeping through the night consistently. He started doing this consistently at 11 weeks old, and J and I are very happy and relieved to be getting full nights sleep once again.

He has developed a little bald spot on the back of his head, just like BB had.

SS is sooooo smiley and coo-ey. When he smiles he moves his head back and forth like the smile is just bursting out of him and flowing through his whole body, it's so enthusiastic.

He had his first cold this past month - it was so sad to hear him sneeze and cough. His own coughing startled him.

SS is starting to use his hands more - he is playing with a little ducky toy hanging on his bouncy seat, and will bat at it, and he seems to like holding our hands. He also reaches up to his pacifier.

He loves his yellow light-up sun, and smiles at it while he lays on the playmat. He also smiles at the ducky toy.

SS is starting to laugh - he laughed at his Auntie Seen at Apple Annie's, and has since tried to laugh at Mama a couple of times.

When J's Grandma Kaye came to meet SS, he fell asleep in her arms and while he slept we saw him make a sucking movement with his mouth. We've seen him do it a couple other times now and we're thinking we might have another tongue-sucker, just like BB!

SS rolled over for the first time in Washington on Halloween night - apparently all that trick or treating got him excited! (Or maybe he snuck some of BB's candy?) He was laying on the ottoman with his auntie, doing some tummy time, and he rolled himself right over. We saw him getting into position, and I grabbed the camera and was even able to get it on video!

Mama went back to work - we are very blessed that Daddy is on duty while I go to work just one day a week. (Work went good - sweet patients, learning the new computer system with help from my co-workers, and I was able to pump, and SS was happy with his Daddy).

SS showing his support for Mama by wearing his scrubs on Mama's first day back at work

Strengthening those neck muscles with some tummy time at about 2 1/2 months

Just a couple of weeks after the picture above - his neck is getting really strong and he had good head control now, just a little bobbly now and then.
This was taken right after he rolled over!

Smiles!! (It's tough to get a good smiling picture because I can't see where I'm pointing the camera when I'm talking to him to make him smile! But this will do.)

Meeting and visiting with great-Grandma Kaye


Happy 3 months Boo-boo! We love you!

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  1. gosh he is SOO cute!! love the momma photo too!!