Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Word to the Mothers: Potty Training

So a friend from my church just started a mommy blog where fellow church-mommies can share questions, advice, and encouragement - fun, right? Of course I love this idea.
I thought I would share my post over here too, since, you know, you're my peeps. OG style. Keepin' it real. Word.

(I wonder how long before they kick me off the blog?)


Right now I am learning that it's not just the toddler that needs to be potty-trained, it's the parents too. Meaning, I need to remember to ask my toddler if he needs to go potty. But I'm not used to all this potty-prompting yet and so I often forget. And then there's a puddle on the floor and wet undies in the hamper. I wish someone was around to prompt me to prompt my toddler to go potty - that would really eliminate a lot of the elimination in my life.

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