Monday, May 27, 2013

ISR 2013: SS's First ISR Lessons Completed

This was SS's first time in ISR, so he just completed the full 6-week series. His last lesson was this past Thursday, and I videoed a short snippet before I jumped in the water with him.

SS is a little fussy in this video, but he had actually been really peaceful and playful in lessons the last couple of weeks. He had his winter clothes day two days before this, which is why he was a little more fussy during this lesson. SS ended his ISR series as a very confident swimmer. Our beloved ISR instructor, Traci, said that SS has the confidence of a three- or four-year-old as a swimmer, not a not-quite-two-year-old, which means that he is more apt to experiment in the water. That's why in the video you see him not rolling all the way onto his back in his float, and taking quicker breaths so that he could continue swimming - experimenting. Once he gets further into the lesson and is a little more tired (or when he had his winter clothes on making it more difficult), he slows down and rests on his back in his float more, which is important for water emergency safety.

After SS's ISR graduation, we celebrated with another special treat, a cookie!

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