Monday, May 20, 2013

BB Snippets

I have been sitting on this draft for months. I wish I could encapsulate the wonder and goofiness and independence and enthusiasm-for-everything-ness of BB at three years old into words and photos, but, once again, I am realizing I have to concede defeat and just post the dang post so that at least these snippets are preserved.

So here are some tiny little slivers of BB, from facebooks posts and daily life.


BB just prayed, all by himself after a conversation about brothers and sisters at dinner, "God, I want 10 babies."

"Auntie Seen is nice.....some people are mean. Daddy, you are nice and mean." 

BB is perched, knees bent, at the edge of our backyard play structure, and SS is standing below him.
Me: "BB, don't jump on SS!"
BB, carefree, singsong tone: "Okay Mama, I won't!"
Pause. Thinking.
Me: "BB, don't jump OVER SS either!"
BB: Pause. "Whhhyyyyy?"
That's what I thought. #Brothers

The Mommy Life: You are actively playing a soccer game and, from the sideline, your 3-year-old calls out, "Mama!" as you are going into a play. Cheering? No - he continued with "Mama! I want a fruit pouch!"

J: "After hearing that he was going to get a spanking, our child paused, took a defensive stance, threw his blanket over my head, and ran. I wasn't sure whether I should still give him the spanking or reward him for his impressive defensive maneuvers."

J: "I feel like every parent, by the time his kid turns 6, should be certified as a mental health professional."

When I asked BB WHY?!?!?! did he bite the drywall on his window ledge, he answered simply, "Because I was hungry." Mmmm, drywall.

We found a vintage 60s skateboard at a yard sale, and they sold it to us for 50 cents! BB asked every day in a row when we could go buy him a helmet so that he could ride it. Here he is ready for his first ride (back in January I think?)

We went through a stage with BB where he was waking up before us, sneaking downstairs, and helping himself to whatever he wanted from the fridge or pantry. One morning he managed to get the entire gallon of milk off the top shelf of the refrigerator, onto the counter, got out a crazy straw, popped it right into the gallon, and drank to his heart's delight. Later that day he vomited numerous times. Another morning BB came in my room holding a bag of skittles with chocolate smeared all over his face - once I assessed and absorbed the scenario (from my pillow, mind you), I went downstairs to find Ak-mak crackers spread out in formations like blocks across the table, a block of cheese on the table, granola ground into the rug, empty Halloween candy wrappers cast about, and other things that I have since blocked out. Oh, and as I was viewing this, BB came and told me something I couldn't understand about SS - I rushed upstairs to find a poopy diaper cast aside in the crib and well, I'll let you imagine the rest of the scene. That was an epic morning.

Here are pics of another one of BB's Help-Yourself mornings:
Bowl of mini-marshmallows, anyone?

We have since mostly curbed the Help-Yourself mornings, but BB still keeps on us on our toes.

BB has a few chores. Normal ones, like picking up his toys and books, clearing his plate from the table, and making his bed (with help). I also have him take things out to recycling (in the garage) a lot, and another chore I came up with for him is to refill the toilet paper rolls when they are empty. This had been his chore for some time when I walked into the bathroom and saw this:

I'll call this "increasing efficiency". He's too smart.

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  1. I love it! Watch out for that boy, he's too clever for your own good! This post cracked me up!