Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Pied Piper

SS just started "dancing" when J plays the recorder. I die from the cuteness.

And because I am a sappy mom obsessed with her children, here's a second video of more spinning that is slightly different than in the first video. :)

(Sorry, I had to post this video sideways. Our laptop battery has issues (AGAIN) which is responsible for the severe decline in blogging, as well as the recent loss and corruption of some photo and video files when the laptop randomly shut off without warning while I was moving files from the camera card to the computer. Sad (and frustrating) day. J to the rescue! (Story of my life.))


  1. So adorable! And, goodness, who is that tall boy spinning off to the side?! That can't be little BB!!?! He's looking so grown up! Thanks for posting these. Miss you guys! - Han

  2. I love it! Monkey see, monkey do. So precious :)