Monday, June 3, 2013

11 Months Later

11 months later, they look like any other little girls dancing on stage. 

Looking at them with all of the other dancers, no one would know that 11 months ago, instead of sitting in these auditorium chairs, we were sitting in a hospital waiting room throughout a multiple hour (8, I think?) brain surgery to excise a tumor.

Apart from the duck tail of hair growing back in beneath her tight bun, no one could guess that she has faced multiple surgeries, countless MRIs, endless medical procedures, months of high-dose radiation, and even more months of nausea and headaches recovering from the treatments. And no one can tell that this other little girl proclaimed faith in God in the face of scary unknowns like "surgery" and "tumor", was so very brave while she missed her mom and dad and big sister during long hospital stays, and kept. on. smiling., day in and day out, while she waited for her family.

What set these girls apart tonight was their innate glow, their sweet spirits. B performed her ballet routine with grace and precision - it's not just my auntie pride talking when I say that she was the best in her ballet ensemble. Her lines extended from her fingertips to her toes, and even her hand placements were thoughtful and carefully held.

Watching her perform, I reflected on sitting in that waiting room during her first surgery eleven months ago and now sitting in this theater watching her perform -  how far we have come. How hard she and her mom and dad and sister have worked and worried and wept and loved and prayed and fought to get her here to this stage, where B can display her grace.

A memorable night was made even more special because I had a cute date - with a little man named BB.


The date started out as kind of a dud - it was like the guy had just woken up from a nap or something.

But he became lively and entertaining and hilarious in no time.

BB is such a photo-bomber!

And what's a night on the town without Nacky sweeping a floor with your hair?

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  1. So funny we posted on the same thing! Love the pics you got!