Friday, January 4, 2013


My dad would have turned 62 today.


He wasn't a perfect father by a long shot; he had wounds and subsequent weaknesses, more so than most.  But he was goofy, passionate, creative, and he laughed loudly, and cooked well, and could fix anything. 
And he was loved. 

And he is loved.


  1. Yes,he was loved. And he is missed. I was making tarts on Christmas Eve in Long Beach with Kiara's husband, Chase and I was thinking of the Christmas when your Dad made a flaming desert at my house. I was so proud of him and it was so much fun and crazy, especially with Grandpa Hughes narrating!!! Love you Keeley, Aunt Brigid

  2. Too funny.....I remember he made a flaming dessert at Mo's in Cardiff,AND CAUGHT THE KITCHEN CURTAINS ON FIRE!!!! Yum:) Flaming curtains.......maybe Jonah would enjoy?!