Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Smorgasbord

A "few" random photos and videos leftover from 2012


Who's having more fun?

At a friend's wedding, on a ranch in Phoenix

A ranch that had archery! Channeling Katniss


Cute little man at the pool

J explored Zion National Park in Utah with friends from college

BB singing a song he learned in VBS

There are some wineries an hour south of Tucson in Sonoita, and one Sunday we packed M and S's Pilot full of friends and trekked south for my first ever wine tasting. Such a fun day with brilliant, goofy, hilarious friends, some of whom we had to say goodbye to shortly thereafter. Booooo.

J doesn't drink at all, so he just went cracker tasting :)


These are SS's "I want" hands

Tada feeding SS - her wide open mouth cracks me up every time.


My beloved Pouncing Pumas, at the end of the Fall season


A DIY moment - I fell in love with a Jonathon Adler pillow from 2007, and decided to paint them myself. We love them!

SS's first climb up the couch


B and I came across this while doing a Christmas card photo shoot on campus. U of A!

We visited Team P to celebrate Dr. A's 30th birthday with a birthday dinner at a delicious Indian restaurant.
Little Besties


Our dear friends visited from the Middle East

When U of A beat Florida by one point in the last second of the game, Ashley and I were there. And it was awesome. Thankful God blessed me with an amazing new friend - love her!

J's sister Shawna graduated college this December, with three, count 'em, THREE, bachelor's degrees.
She just had to out-graduate her brother.
Here she is with her man, Mr. Jeff.

I hope you enjoyed this random smattering of 2012, especially the videos! I have a simpler program to edit and compress videos now, so I was happy to get to share those. Okay, just a few more 2012 posts until we enter the New Year here on Barking Baby!

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  1. Cuteness! Loved the videos, too! They didn't show up in my reader, so I came over to your site to see the photos that I thought weren't loading and was pleasantly surprised to see them all be videos! So fun! Archer's relaxing on the couch after his triumphant climb was my favorite. :) Miss you and your sweet family! - Han