Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Da Bears

Today marks J and my's 8th wedding anniversary, and to honor the relationshippyness of today, I'm telling you about a recent date we had.  J's big Christmas gift from last year was tickets to a professional Bears football game, his first pro football game ever - except I didn't actually buy the tickets because I didn't really know where or when or how to do that, instead I stuck to what I know and cut out little scrapbooky orange and blue cardstock bears for him to redeem for tickets at a later date, by his own devices. Well that later date turned out to be this Christmas - the Bears played the Arizona Cardinals on December 23rd, and J and I were there cheering them on! 

I thought it might be stressful going to the game so close to Christmas, but we ended up having all of our shopping and holiday prep done a few days before, so the game turned out to be an all-day just-the-two-of-us date to look forward to. Plus, J and I both decided that if we were going to do it, we were going to do it right, so we splurged a little and got great seats, and called it last year AND this year's Christmas gift. Totally worth it once the actual Chicago Bears ran out on the field and we could, like, actually see them. 

The Chicago Bears, warming up, RIGHT THERE!

Us in our awesome seats!

(Side note: I know the stands look super empty in most of these photos - it's because we got there over an hour before the game actually started, and that's when I was taking pictures, and then a lot of Cardinals fans left early because the Bears beat them by a lot (when I took the pic of J at the end of this post, rejoicing in the Bears' victory - but for most of the game, the stadium was pretty dang full!)

We weren't sure if we would be lonely cheering for the Bears in the Cardinals stadium, but J's cousin had told him where in the stadium the visitors fans usually sit, and when we got to the game, one third of the spectators there were Bears fans. Because Bears fans are crazy dedicated. So we were in good company rooting the Bears on to victory, even in Cardinals territory, which made the game all the more fun for us.

Like I said, I had really been looking forward to our all-day date, and to the game itself. A few years ago I decided to finally learn the rules of football, since J's passion for the sport didn't seem to be decreasing, and now I genuinely enjoy it too.  J was a little tense getting to the game, just because we didn't know exactly where we were parking and we'd never been to the stadium, and I took the opportunity to tease him - hook, line, and sinker, man. After eight years of marriage, I gotta keep him on his toes! We have fun.

Outside the stadium in a mall area

There's the stadium!

In line

The Bears lined up all footbally

For The Win!!

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