Saturday, July 28, 2012

Three on the Fourth of July

Post about an event in the same month that it happened, whhaaaaattt???

We had three precious kiddos to celebrate the Fourth of July.  We didn't feel overly celebratory two days after B's first surgery, but we knew we needed to push for normal for the kids, and we ended up having a nice evening. I found a free community event with bouncy houses, a movie in the park, and a fireworks show at the end of the night. The kids opted out of the face painting, but that was another activity.

Red, White, and Blue, and a firework!! 
(I suggested something red, white, or blue, but Tada wanted to stick with her firework dress.)
It was a little overcast, so it was cool out, and there was a rainbow, which you can see in the left of this picture!

One of very few pics of BB jumping - he was very nervous in the bounce houses, which was surprising because I thought he would be all over it. I think it was the mass amounts of people and lack of supervision. There weren't anyone supervising the three bounce houses - not the number of kids allowed in, not the activity inside, not the giant air compressor motors they were attached too....we thought it was a little crazy, and some vigilante moms made sure kids formed lines and took turns, but it was very free-for-all.

Tada held her own in the bounce houses and loved them.

Being a firework

Fireworks together

This was a lot of our evening - Tada in the bounce house, trying to coax BB in, BB getting scared and coming back out with us.

But Tada loved it!

Tada AWESOMELY went down on her tummy!!!!

Together on the slide, after BB got a little braver

After making a macaroni necklace at a craft stand - BB's face perfectly describes his feelings about his cousin.

Waiting for the movie in the park to start while J gets our blankets from the car

And we finished the night with fireworks

My fam watching the fireworks

Grand Finale!

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  1. Love. Now I feel like we got to celebrate the 4th of July too. :)