Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Great Cloud of Witnesses

A friend shared with me that God had given her a deep burden to pray for B and her parents - that He would bring B to her mind over and over, and that when she responded in prayer she had a sense of joining a great cloud of witnesses also in prayer for B. I love that image, the body of believers in community, together though apart, all for B.

Serene told me our pediatrician had B's prayer card up in his office and throughout the day of B's surgery parents and kids would come in and exclaim "You're praying for B too?!" 

Emails and messages from people in churches all over Tucson who were also praying for B, including B's own church which had an hour-by-hour schedule of prayer.

B's face saturating Facebook.

B's surgery was cloaked in prayer, which was made apparent in everything from the A-team OR staff to the best-case-scenario surgical results (B's tumor is a benign, typical chordoma) to the minimal complications so far in recovery. Serene said she truly experienced the peace that surpasses all understanding during the surgery - as a fellow mama, I can chalk this up to nothing less than an absolute miracle, born of petitions to the throne. Glory be to God.

B will be discharged from the hospital soon - please continue praying for her ongoing recovery from surgery over the next few weeks. Then it's time for radiation. Always it's time to pray that the tumor never ever ever grows back.

Those cloud wisps of hope we were reaching for?
You. The fervent pray-ers. The great cloud of witnesses.

Thank you.


  1. Beautiful Keeley. I am so happy to hear of Belles excellent recovery! She is such a trooper and a fighter and all of your familys grace during this trial has been truly inspirational. Every time I think of you guys I envision Belle happy healthy and completely healed, forever!! I will keep putting it out there for the universe to hear.

  2. Wow Keel....... you can bring me right next to you when you write:)
    You're blessed with your Grandad's gift:) and God Bless YOU for always gifting us for the greater good........not sure where you got that!!
    Lucky US!!
    Thank you Keeley Jo;'''''')))