Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday B!

Okay, okay, so I may have lead you astray with the recap of my Saturday night photo editing debauchery, but only by omission. 
Truth be told, I actually was partying it up last night - 9th birthday style.

That's right, this little lady turned 9 years old yesterday.

Honestly, I'm uncomfortable just thinking about saying this out loud because I know it's the thing I wasn't supposed to think, but the truth is that every time I think about B's birthday I want to drop to my knees in gratitude that B was here on earth with us to celebrate her 9th birthday yesterday. Leading up to her surgery there were scary days and sleepless nights when we didn't know if we would get to celebrate this day. And although few of us could bear to acknowledge that fear out loud other than in brief, desperate moments, it was still tensely present, the underchord vibrating between each look and underneath every conversation about the surgery.

And yet none of those fears hidden in dark places came to be - instead they were vanquished by sheer Life Force.
B's. God's. Both/One.

 Yesterday B practiced Java's new trick (bang-bang-play-dead), played Kerplunk and monkey-in-the-middle, and blew out a sparkly blue 9 candle atop a pink and purple unicorn cake.
So very full of life.

There may or may not have even been fireworks.
(Not if you're TPD - those weren't ours - because they're illegal, you know that right?)

You know what's not illegal?
Pink unicorn cakes.

Serene and I are in the process of harvesting unicorn magic - between the magnet headbands and the unicorn magic, this tumor has NO CHANCE.
We should really be recognized for our advances in medicine.

Fun with Java - bang bang, and little Don Quixote atop his trusty steed. SS's eyes are saying "Hi ho silver!"

Opening gifts

Antlers and ponytail play while opening gifts

SS and .....

I love this little sequence of SS turning into Papa - I feel like you can see him remember he likes to grab Papa's beard in the middle photo

Cake time!!
Singing Happy Birthday to B

Matt and the boys slicing cake, scooping ice cream, and passing out pieces - do we know some amazing men or what?

Auntie Seen placed a pink frosting flower on BB's nose - he moves quick though! 

Fireworks (that may or may not have been there or ours)

Birthday family photo
(Paparazzi, paparazzi...)

Auntie K with Tada and B

Happy, happy, happy 9th birthday to B.


  1. You know how to make me cry and laugh all at the same time. Also, I think we should start selling magnetic headbands complete with a unicorn horn in B's honor.

  2. Such a perfect recap of a perfect afternoon/evening with family and friends celebrating the 9th Birthday of our Bellee Boo. LOVED THIS ! ! !