Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh, people.

Oh, people. 

Should I discuss the irony of B going back to the hospital the day after I posted the last post?

Should I regale you with reasons why my perfect catch-up posting schedule got completely dismantled last week?

Or should I just post cute pictures of my kids?

B had a second surgery late late Wednesday night to repair a CSF leak. Thanks to wonderful friends and Nacky who watched our kids for us in shifts, J and I were able to be at the hospital with Serene and Matt while we waited for B's surgery, which was pushed back and postponed all day due to emergencies and a full OR. We watched you tube videos and played Chutes & Ladders and Yahtzee. Finally around 11:20 pm we accompanied B down to the OR, and she was out around 1:10 am. The surgery went well, and she came out with a lumbar drain and has been on bedrest since. This morning she woke up crying with a headache, and then her cries progressed to screams. After her pain was doused with morphine she was able to fall asleep, and she has been sleeping all day. A CT scan did not show any reason for the headache.

It's been a hard day. 

Yesterday was hard too (just for me, not B).

On to the posting-cute-pictures-of-the-kids part.

a new perch


With our dear friend L after the splash pad...
Oh sure, everyone's smiling now. But I assure you that in the park bathroom stall where I was cleaning up poop-in-the-pants and BB, stark naked, slipped on the wet floor and hit his mouth on the stainless steel toilet, causing a bleeding fat lip, no one was smiling. This photo is proof that we survived that debacle. Also, this is the same public park toilet that I dropped my sunglasses into the week before. I hate you, toilet.

Matt and Serene's dog Java is also staying with us, and SS had his first taste of dog food. 

And also his first dog-water bath, on the way out the door (of course).
Due to an unfortunate diaper-trash incident, Java was evicted today.
SS will miss the free-for-all snacks.

Sardines in a tub

BB reading his Bible in bed (in June)

SS loves this black and white ring, it's one of his favorite toys. SS crawls around the house with it in his mouth, making him look like a little bull.

And somehow he hooked his other favorite toy, this green ball, onto the ring, and crawled around with all of it hanging out of his mouth.



That'll do for now.


  1. His Mom is HOT!! And hilarious! Love what you shared honey......can't wait to see you and hug my beautiful,brave,warrior.Keep BELIEVING.......in everything goodXO

  2. This is too cute!! Glad you can still laugh with your family and appreciate the mommy moments and adorable kiddos just enjoying life, all the while being stressed and overwhelmed with B. xoxox. Lots of prayers! Loved the comedic relief of the boys! Too cute!

  3. L is a little peanut! And I love how K&BB are holding hands in the park group pic - so sweet. Okay, I'm calling you tomorrow, almost did today but I called my dad instead. and then it got to be too late. But you're on my mind... Yay for being in the same country!