Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun in Flag

The last weekend in February we were invited to visit Flagstaff with friends, to stay in a luxurious "cabin" and play in the snow.

The first day the big boys went snowboarding, and we brought them lunch on the mountain. Then the pregnants and the little boys all went back and took naps (after BB had a complete meltdown at the grocery store - I really pushed him past his naptime limit!)

The little boys had the best time playing all weekend - after this weekend BB spent days saying "Tade? Tade?" asking for Little C.

This was our view when we woke up Sunday morning - it had snowed overnight!

It was time to take the boys out into the snow! Here's BB's first step into the snow:

Not sure how he felt about being waist-deep in snow. He said "Shoe! Shoe!" and when J pulled him up, he had lost a shoe in the snow - whoops! Luckily our cheap solution for not having snow boots was plastic bags tied around our ankles, and the shoe stayed in the bag.

Daddy carved out the way for BB to walk in the snow:

It was picturesque. And it wasn't that cold when we were all bundled up, so we could really enjoy how beautiful it was.

We took the boys sledding! We started just pulling them, which BB loved.

Then we found a hill - BB reached his cold limit after just a couple runs.

I love this picture of Han sledding on a plastic storage bin lid:

J, BB, and I headed back to the cabin once BB got too cold. Everyone else came back later and the little boys laid down for a nap. Once BB was sound asleep, I was ready to build a snowman, and J agreed to come with me because he wanted to build an igloo, even though everyone else didn't want to bundle back up. We left them all reading in the living room. J quickly realized the igloo was a big job, and joined me in snowman-making.

J and I had so much fun that we slowly lured everyone back outside with us.
First, S, who couldn't resist the idea of building an igloo.

Then Han came out, bringing a carrot for our snowman's nose.

Then C had to join the igloo making.

And finally, A joined us while the little boys napped inside.

The boys spent the rest of the afternoon working on their igloo - this is where it was when the girls went back inside for hot cocoa.

J, BB, and I drove home that afternoon once BB woke up from his nap, with our desire for snow-time and friend-time satisfied. Thanks for inviting us Team P!

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