Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bumpdate: 19 weeks - It's a .........!!!!!!!

Our little family at 19 weeks, on our way out the door to find out if BB is going to have a little brother or a little sister!

This is admittedly not the best picture of the bump, but here are some outtakes:

Sucking his tongue (which means ready for a nap), shoving my face while playing (trying to get him smiling), not in focus

So I fully embrace the lack of bump in exchange for the smiling, still toddler.

Okay, on to what you really want to know:

It's a BOY! BB is going to have a little brother!

Warning: boy parts pictured

Baby Boy looks healthy and measured just a couple of days ahead of my due date (which by the way is actually August 1st, even though I've been saying the 3rd, whoopsies!) And since BB was born a week early, we are definitely expecting this baby at the end of July now, just in case he follows in his big brother's footsteps. And this little boy did not stop moving the entire ultrasound, so we are guessing on another active little man.

Speaking of brothers....BROTHERS! How cute will they be? I hope they love playing together. I asked J that night "They'll be best friends when they're grown ups, right?" I really hope so. I hope BB doesn't feel displaced. I think that is just a mommy bug worry though - I don't even remember life without my little brother. We don't have a name for this little man yet, but don't worry, I've been anxiously obsessing over it pretty much constantly. With BB, we knew exactly what we would name him and we both agreed and loved it. With this baby, we have both gotten a little attached to different names, so today we devoted some time to laying in the hammock and going over our name list. I foresee many hours being spent this way before we draw a conclusion.

Pregnancy-wise, I am starting to feel breathless going up the stairs or with brisk walking, and sometimes even just standing up I feel a little dizzy. I reported all of this to my doctor today and she was unimpressed. She told me that it's common for third trimester symptoms to show up much earlier in your second pregnancy, and that that breathless feeling usually peaks around 20 weeks with the second, so I'm right on schedule. I'm starting to realize that physical activities that seem like they should be doable, like digging up the garden bed to prepare the soil for planting, are much tougher than I expect. J took over pretty quickly on the garden bed when, while convincing him I was fine, I almost fell into my little trench. I also started digging a compost hole and got quickly worn out, even though BB thought it was the greatest thing that ever happened. He stood next to me excitedly bobbing his knees, pointing at the shovel and yelling "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" every time I pierced the dirt. It was very encouraging. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm totally tough and awesome now.) I had a backache for a couple of days after all of that shoveling. And other big news, I can definitely feel the baby move from the outside now too. I can't wait until we find the right moment and J and BB get to feel it too.


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  1. Hooray!! A little brother!! So excited for you :)