Monday, March 14, 2011

First Haircut


J had started referring to BB's hair as a "lady cop" hairdo. And then a kind friend of ours called it a mullet, and when I protested, he explained to me what a mullet was, like I didn't know and that's obviously why I was disagreeing.
And, truth be told, it was getting looooong in the back.
So I watched a couple of youtube videos on how to cut a boy's hair, but I wasn't sure if I was up to the task.
Then on Friday afternoon I had a tear-filled meltdown from feeling overwhelmed and helpless and terrified of how I was going to take care of two kids (oh, the joys of pregnancy hormones - it's been an emotional last week for me and our in-utero banana-sized baby). After J came home and we had dinner, I had re-achieved emotional stability, and I decided it was time to go for the haircut. We actually kept BB up late for the haircut, but he didn't mind since our sit-still-and-stare-straight-ahead tactic was Horton. I quickly reviewed the youtube videos while J strapped BB into the portable high chair in front of the TV.
Here's his hair wet and combed out, ready to cut:

The first cut (gasp!):

In process:

(Note the open mouth - that's exactly what J does when watching TV or sleeping)


I definitely planned for the back to come out longer than this, but cutting hair is tricky! We are really happy with how it turned out!

In addition to the haircut, BB has done a couple of other "firsts" recently - he has put on his own shoes a couple of times, and on Friday we were at a book fair where set up was in progress, and he was invited to come on in and play on their big puzzle-piece foam mats. BB walked in, pointed at the squares and, totally unprompted, correctly announced "Yellow! Blue!" We think he knows his colors!! Of course after that we tried to get him to do it over and over, but he would just give us impish grins and point all over the place.


  1. In the spirit of full disclosure, I had also started telling people that he was ready to take tickets for the Ferris wheel. I'm glad our son is no longer sporting a carnie hairdo. You did a great job, my love!!!!

  2. Love it! Such a handsome little man.'re hilarious ;0 And K, grace for two kids will come just in time - I know it can seem impossible at this juncture but you'll do great!

  3. You did a great job! I'm afraid to do "real" haircuts - just trims or buzz cuts for me!

  4. I'm glad you are referring to my husband as a
    "kind friend" even after his definition of a mullet for you. :) We love you guys & think you did a fantastic job! :)


  5. He is sooo cute! Love that little guy! Want to give E a trim?