Monday, August 2, 2010

Tarnish Be Gone! A Natural Solution

So yesterday at work I looked down and one of the little diamonds that surround the center stone had fallen out of my wedding ring.
This happened one other time and two stones had fallen out - but we have a warranty and the jeweler replaced them at no charge - I hope that's what happens this time too.

So I went looking for a replacement wedding ring while mine gets fixed, and I found an old ring I had gotten in Peru, but it was really tarnished, so I googled something like "natural jewelry tarnish cleaner" and read that you can actually use a paste of baking soda (oh the many uses of baking soda!) and water to remove tarnish! So tried it out and my temporary wedding ring is bright and shiny once again.

I had a couple more tarnished rings to do some before and afters for you with.
I actually like a little bit of a brushed silver look, but this tarnish is yellowed and grimy looking, more so than even shows up in the photo. And here they are after my cheap, easy, and natural clean:
And here's my temporary wedding ring:

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