Monday, August 23, 2010

The End of an Era

I can hardly believe that this time has come, but here it is. We have been so blessed to have J's sister Serene watching BB for us once a week while I work - Serene is such an amazing mom, gentle and firm in discipline, goofy and fun in play, instructive in teachable moments, and always, always securing her girls in her love for them. From the moment that BB made Serene an aunt (even in utero!) she has treasured our little boy, and when I had to go back to work, the transition was made much smoother by knowing that he was in capable hands that loved him almost as much as his mommy and daddy did.

For the last year we have listened to squeals of excitement from the backseat when BB recognizes the scenery on the way to his auntie's house. BB usually starts chasing "Jah" (Java) the doggie as soon as he hits the ground, and then his cousins find him and greet him in exaggerated baby voices and he smiles and laughs at them, and then he waddle-runs to the playroom towards the exotic toys he only sees once or twice a week. BB loves his days at his auntie's house.

But now we have reached the end of this wonderful era, and my heart just pours over with deep gratitude. Thank you Serene for feeding and diapering and cuddling my baby every week for the past year. Thank you for loving your girls so well that I knew could trust any decision you would make for BB in my stead. Thank you for loving BB himself, enjoying his surfacing unique personality. Thank you for being as excited as J and I over each new development, no matter how slight. And thank you for being the kind of mommy that inspires by daily example. I truly can't imagine how I would have made it through work this past year without knowing that BB was in your care.

Top Left to Right: Meeting BB in the NICU, right after BB's very first spit up which was all over Serene right as I was explaining that BB never really spits up
Bottom: Fun times


  1. I wish we had aunties nearby; they are the best! What are your plans for childcare now?

  2. crying... thank you for the opportunity to love on your little guy, I love him very much.