Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Door Opens

God is so good, and He had a plan for us before we even knew that we would need it.

Remember E? E's parents are good friends of ours, and had asked if I could help watch E during the week while they worked, but since we already traded childcare with Serene and I also work 25 hours a week, I just didn't think it was doable. But it was just a couple of weeks later when Serene shared that she could no longer watch BB, and J said that the first thing that popped to mind were E's parents. They have always generously offered to help watch BB if we need it and watched him one day when our nieces were sick and quarantined away from society (at least, the baby society). We wondered if we could work out a similar arrangement with them, where they watched BB once a week and we watched E once a week. We called them and suggested the idea and tried not to get overly excited while we agreed to think it over. But how easy it would be! They have all the baby stuff! And we have all the baby stuff! We could just feed E whatever we feed BB and vice versa - no more packing up food! Their home is right on the way to J's work! And J's mom can keep just picking BB in the afternoon because it's right by her work too! We could get a double stroller, and how cute would that be!?!

In the meantime, I considered other options, knowing that the only other real option I would consider would be to go per diem and only work once a week. I wondered if this was what God had for us right now - we had always said that I would continue working part time as long as we had this wonderful childcare arrangement with someone who loves BB. I felt both excitement and anxiety at that idea - and I was surprised that I wasn't just jumping at the opportunity. Instead I felt a little wistful that everything I have built at work over the last several years would be lost - or at least, different, not being core staff.

But just a few days later I got a voice mail from E's Mommy that said "it was kind of a no brainer" and WOOHOO! We are so excited that we have another wonderful childcare arrangement for BB. E's parents and J and I have really similar ideas and ways of taking care of our babies, and we were pregnant together and have loved each other's little ones from the womb. BB and E have already enjoyed playing together and now will get to socialize twice a week. This past week was the first week I watched E and E's Mommy watched BB, and I had so much fun. The babies were even on the same schedule, napping, eating, and playing together. BB was so excited to have a friend there, he had a little excited expression the whole time and was even more busy than usual, sweetly handing (and yes, occasionally not-so-sweetly taking) toys and books to E.

We are so thankful to the Lord for providing a wonderful, safe place for BB to eat and sleep and play while I work, and for doing it so quickly! And also for E's parents (who are also a J and K!) for being generous and willing. Praise God for His omniscience and good plans for us!

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