Thursday, June 24, 2010

Swimming, Splash Park, and Sabino in May

Remember the hiking and swimming I mentioned being busy with here? Well, there is photographic evidence of these things, and I am finally sharing it with you all!

BB's first swim ever was in his Auntie's pool. He splashed and even let me glide him through the water away from my body while I chanted "Kick kick kick!"

Here we are, pre-swim

Entering the pool

He was a good little kicker.

For even more watery fun, J and I took BB to a splash park at a public park.

BB approached this giant archway right as it erupted water from it's entire perimeter and, shocked by the cold water, BB burst into tears. He was pretty done with the splash park after that.

Now, I'm generally what Jim Gaffigan refers to as "indoorsy". Actually, I like being outside quite a bit, I just don't have to do it in the great outdoors. And actually, I like outdoorsy things like camping and rock climbing, I just don't really like hiking. And in order to get somewhere to do outdoorsy activities, one usually has to hike. When I hear "hiking" I don't think "fun!", I think "sweat...dirt...what-on-earth-should-I-wear?" Lounging poolside or going to a park usually quenches my thirst for fresh air just fine, no hiking necessary. BUT one stir-crazy day I was desperate to get out of the house and share some life with BB and so I spontaneously packed us into the car and drove to Sabino Canyon, bought a year-long pass, and we went hiking. On a paved path. Which is really just walking. But then we off-roaded a little because I wanted to see some water and the on-road water was much farther than I was willing to hike. BB napped a little and Mommy got over her cabin fever and got some good exercise.

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