Thursday, June 24, 2010

No Such Thing as a Free Toothbrush

Okay, so yes, BB had 2 teeth. In fact, now he even has a third tooth growing in on top that's about halfway in. So when we went in for BB's 1 year checkup and BB's pediatrician asked if I was brushing his teeth, I was embarrassed to tell him that no, I didn't know when I was supposed to, or what kind of toothbrush to use, and I kept meaning to look it up and then forgetting, and I'm sure I'm supposed to be reading books about how to care for this baby, but what with all the mothering and wifeing and working and lifeing, I do no such thing, and so here BB is, still a toothbrush virgin.
I was ashamed.

Dr. Bean said twice a day, and when I asked what kind of toothbrush to use, he bounded out of the room and returned with a little pack with a toothbrush (turns out you just give them the normal kind) and a cool dinosaur brush cover and some sample pediatric toothpaste. All it cost was my dignity.

First, we tried it this way.

Then we tried this. Initially, BB wasn't so sure about about his feelings towards the dignity-robbing toothbrush.

But then he realized, Hey! I can chew on this!

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Cannot handle it - he is so cute! He and Han are going to be SO cute together. I cannot even wait!!