Monday, March 1, 2010

9 Months (Observed)

Happy 9-month birthday (observed) BB!
*Not pictured: Little C

The subject of BB's 9-month birthday was a hot topic of debate when visiting Team P this weekend - since BB's actual day of birth was on the 31st, he often doesn't have a true month birth date to celebrate, and I always opt to "observe" his month birth date on the 1st, rather than on the last day of the month, as in my opinion, no one can argue that BB isn't a month older when it's the 1st, but on the last day of the month one could try and say that BB's not actually a month older yet when it hasn't been 31 days (who these rain-on-our-parade people are, I do not know, but I am quite concerned with ensuring accuracy in order to please them). Now, A feels passionately that his monthly birthday should be celebrated on the last day of the month. A is a doctor, and a pretty doctor at that, and she made a good point - that when BB was in my belly he went through all of those shorter months too, so maybe today is BB's 9 month-and-1-day birthday, or maybe it's just his 9-month birthday, but either way, let's celebrate!

Now that BB is a big 9-month old:
He claps!
He waves! (Albeit, he waves when he's happy or excited and not so much as a greeting, but it's waving, and it's cute.)
He chatters! "Dadadadagagagabababa"
He walks!
He had his first sleepover! (while Mama and Daddy went snowboarding!)

He loves to watch his cousins B and K play, often screaming and subsequently turning purple with delight, and on our visit to Team P's, he watched Little C run around with a huge smile on his face, and tried to crawl after him. Little C and BB actually played together a little bit, had a 45 second moment where they each stared at each other smiling at the lunch table, and Little C patted BB gently on the back and shared his toys. Watching BB in a new environment, I could tell that he was having a blast - new toys, new places to explore, and a big boy to watch and learn from. He also fell in love with their (very tolerant) kitty. Other than when his daddy sang the chorus of White Wedding just a bit too loud during Rock Band, BB had a great time celebrating turning 9 months old with our best friends (and their cat)!


  1. Was Little C the photographer taking the group picture? LOL! That's a really great picture of you all :)

  2. Oh, and do we get to see a video of BB walking? pretty please :D

  3. As soon as I get one, it will be posted! :)