Sunday, March 7, 2010

Social Games

At BB's 9-month check-up, he measured in at:

29 inches - the 75% percentile
16 lbs 8 oz - the 3% percentile

Yes, you read that right - I didn't forget to type a zero.
BB only gained 1/2 pound in the last two months, which dropped him from the tenth percentile down to the third percentile.
I have vacillated between feeling worried, feeling guilty, and looking at my healthy, thriving son and chalking it all up to genetics. The pediatrician gave us some recommendations to try and chunk him up, and we are going to follow up in a month.

In the information sheet our pediatrician's office provides at all of our well child checks, among the reminders to keep cleaners out of reach and to use sun protection, there was a sentence in the Development section telling us to play social games with our baby. Now, when I hear the phrase "social games", I think about being nice to BB's face and then gossiping behind his back, or other manipulative high school behavior, but I think this is more along the lines of peek-a-boo. Still, J and I have been referring to social games constantly since we read that and it makes us giggle.

Speaking of social games, it doesn't get any socially gamier than Family Game Night, does it?

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