Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When I became a mom, I quickly learned what was so alluring about the mommy-blogosphere - there were others like me out there who wanted to compare parenting notes and share joys, but only had limited and disconnected moments to do it in, sometimes at 2 am when a phone call to the BFF was not very polite. But writing a blog post, that was okay at 2 am. And so was a comment on someone else's post. Blogging allowed me to connect.

I recently got to meet up with blogger C and her Little One for a blog-friendship-meets-real-world experience. C and I went to the same high school and college, but really got to know each other via blogging and babies. My belly was bulbous and bursting at the seams when I found C's poignant and clever blog, full of new-mommyhood and social awareness - I was instantly hooked and have been peeking through this window into their world ever since.

So naturally when C told me she was here visiting Tucson I jumped at the chance for a playdate. We took the littles to the park to feed the ducks and bask in the sunshine, and enjoyed the live, in person, 3D company.

Thanks for sharing your day with us C and Little One!

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  1. Fun! I love that I get to check out your blog, but I miss you "in real life"! We will be home from Flagstaff this weekend and hope to see you and BB soon!