Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whatta Great Eight!


BB reaches for us to pick him up, eats off of our plates, (sometimes) gives high-fives, got his first real bump on the head (from the couch corner), and wants to do everything he sees us doing, from using the cell phone to typing on the computer to playing the guitar.
He has responded to his name for a couple months now, and has learned the word "no" mainly because of the guitar that lives on a stand in our living room - he will crawl towards the kitchen and get distracted and stop to pound his hands on the hollow guitar base.
This month has shown us that BB does not have any sense of caution; he thinks that he is an adult and not a little baby. The little daredevil crawls to the edge of the couch and I have to grab a leg to keep him from going overboard. He will pull himself up to standing and then just let go and balance there for a few moments like, "I'm just going to stand here Mama, just like you and Daddy do, and maybe I will walk over ther-Oh, I'm not physically capable of that yet? Oh okay, I'll just plop on the floor instead" and I'm like, "Baby! You're a baby!"

He is all activity, all the time.
Well, most of the time. Now and then I wrestle him into my lap to cuddle and read (half) a book. And he still gets in the big bed to eat an early breakfast curled up on Mama and sometimes even falls back asleep instead of romping around.
And just so you know, getting BB to sit still for the above no-flash photos was no small feat - the photo below is much more demonstrative of our active little joy-flurry.

Happy 8 Months BB!

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  1. Hannah has the little hair sticking out over the sides of her ears the same way... Love it! BTW, July 8-Aug 13...I'll try to e0mail soon