Friday, January 22, 2010

A Haven

So the coffee table is gone. A small thing, but to me it feels like the beginning of the end of the pleasing aesthetic in our living room. My living room was the room in our house that was "done" being decorated, that I didn't want to change. So I pouted for a few days, and now I am accepting the change and moving on. Watching BB spot me sitting on the couch and crawling over to my feet with a huge smile, unimpeded by the table, definitely makes it easier.

Thankfully, the timing of this has coincided with the completion of decorating our bedroom. After several rearranges and seemingly endless searches for inspiration, we finally have our bedroom the way we want it, and we think it is lovely - peaceful and reflective of us. So while the living room is being deconstructed and overtaken with toys and board books (and we hope there are even more toys and books in our future), we have a peaceful haven just for J and I as our family grows.

The view from our door:


  1. Wow, this is gorgeous! Nice work!

  2. So beautiful! We haven't redecorated or anything but I have made our bedroom a clean, clutter-free zone for this very reason. I need somewhere calm and "baby-free" to escape to! Oh, and we found a small-ish faux-leather ottoman at Walmart that I want to replace our coffee table with so that we have more room on the rug and less dangerous edges. Plus our beloved ikea table is falling apart...

  3. Your bedroom looks great! :) And I have to add the big sister "Itoldyaso" that your LR might look different when it was kiddified. :) Ha ha... you'll get through it! And it will be the reason you look for a rec room in your next house... :)

  4. Kir, so glad you hear you guys have your own haven :)
    And gee thanks Jen :)

  5. It looks great :) Do you have the tall lamp on his side and the short one on yours? heehee Love it!