Sunday, April 13, 2014


A plague has decimated our household. One by one, all of have fallen. All except the mighty Mama.

First BB, then SS, and now Daddy have all suffered through this stomach bug's wrath this past week. Thus, we have been home bound for so. many. days.  Mama's losing her mind.

BUT, the silver lining of our cloud of quarantined illness for days on end has been that being home gave us the opportunity to keep SS in undies with immediate and frequent access to a potty for several days in a row, and SS has been very successfully using the potty with only had about one accident a day (usually #2, I don't think he has the sensation for that one down yet)! A few days ago I felt stumped and stalled out in his potty training process, so this has been such an encouragement! And today, while Daddy slept off his stomach bug, the boys and I re-entered society, and SS wore undies out in public for several hours for the FIRST TIME EVER! With no accidents in public! We went to the Farmer's Market for several hours, and then out to lunch, and SS rocked his little undies and dry shorts the duration of our outing. I am so proud of him!

Here are some photos of our first outing with both boys in underwear:

BB loves silly faces and poses

And SS does and says everything his big brother does

This week of illness is the third time SS has been sick in about six weeks, including our first ER visit, so I am really feeling it this time around, especially after being stuck at home for so. many. days. in a row. Our outing today was very refreshing, but things feel hectic and out of routine. Encouraged by the huge leap forward on the potty-training front, and looking forward to a new week!

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