Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One Two Three

About a month ago, SS surprised me. BB and his cousin were singing a silly version of the ABCs in the car, and when I unbuckled SS, he busted out the entire ABC song for the first time ever. Every letter wasn't perfect, but many were and he had the tune down, beginning to end. SS had clearly been paying attention! I was thrilled and clapped and cheered and asked him to sing it again. SS sang the ABCs two more times for his enraptured audience of mama, brother, and cousin.

And this is where I would post a video of him expertly serenading you all, except SS has since refused to repeat his performance. No encores in his contract, apparently.

SS surprised us again yesterday. While helping me make my bed, he suddenly counted "One, two, three!" and then threw the pillow on the bed. SS had never counted before! Thrilled, I told J the exciting news. J sat down with SS and asked him to count, and SS busted out with "One, two, three, four, five," like it wasn't no thang. Seriously, he was like, "Oh yeah guys, four and five? Of course I know those, wasn't that obvious?" And then he counted again, and counted all the way to SIX. SIX, people! First day counting!

Another notable recent SS discovery involved cracking the SS linguistic code. I can usually understand most of what SS says, but sometimes SS will tell me something so urgently, staring pointedly in my eyes and repeating himself the exact same way each time, but I cannot for the life of me decipher his dialect. Well, recently we figured out that "onk" means "want", as in "I onk my mane-ket," or I want my blanket. This discovery led to further revelation - SS is using a "ck" sound for his "t" sounds. With this knowledge, I am able to translate much more effectively, and we are all enjoying understanding each other a little better.

SS also loves to wear his helmet, not necessarily while riding his bike, just around the house all the time, often backwards. Here is a rare moment of his wearing his helmet forwards while performing a helmet-appropriate activity. SS loves tearing through the yard or the neighborhood on his bike, and is becoming quite speedy. We're hoping to get him a balance bike!

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