Monday, April 28, 2014

Valentines and Other Lost Holidays


Do you know how much I love you? in a card!!! It's like it was made just for Jonah and J and I.

Monster and dino valentines for his classmates

In January my beautiful BFF gave birth to this precious baby girl in about 10 minutes flat. Okay, it might have taken a little longer, but it wasn't long enough for somebody who was invited to be in the room with her to actually make it to the hospital in time. A little different from my 26 1/2 hours of  first-time labor.

I settled for a lot of post-birth cuddling :) 

Baby G, 8 days young

Now Baby G comes over a few times a week and gets a lot of attention from these little men.

Some MLS teams came to Tucson to play some preseason games, so we got to go cheer on the Seattle Sounders here in Tucson! My sister and her fam are ardent Seattle Sounders fans, and thus are we, by proxy.

Silly faces! Can't get enough of Archer's silly face :)

It was such a beautiful night! 

I will say that I'm not sure what made me think the boys would sit and pay attention to an entire professional soccer match. I mean, they watch sports on TV with J, so I guess that's what gave me these optimistic expectations? Instead, the boys were normal preschooler and toddler and were antsy, all over the bleachers, requesting snacks every 5 minutes, etc. But we still had fun.

Couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous evening. Soccer + beautiful sunset = my happy place. The only thing that could have made it better is if they called me onto the field to play with them.

Playgroup mama's red lipstick night out!

Our first time at the Tucson Rodeo parade, an annual Tucson tradition.

A night out downtown for my friend's birthday

One of my fave pics of the boys, from Thanksgiving!

Anniversary dinner in January

Cutie pie buddies from the womb

BB's first and only (so far) non-mama haircut

One night SS and BB disappeared and instead we had dinner with a monkey and a fox.

aaaaaaaand publish.

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