Monday, June 17, 2013


My favorite recent shot of the boys

SS eating his first corn on the cob (months ago, as you can tell by the SWEATSHIRT he's wearing - just looking at that in this 100+ degree weather makes me sweat)

Making muffins with BB - he did a lot of the mixing, as well as the measuring and pouring. I love these moments with him.

And he helped with the dishes too!

GG came to visit!

She read stories

and brought SS a Cozy Coupe, just like my bro and I had when we were little!
(My backyard is populated with multiple large mounds of plastic embossed with the words Fisher Price, all courtesy of GG. The boys love it. (And Mama loves the endless outdoor entertainment during dinner prep)).

Final harvest of lettuce and carrots before I planted my summer garden

Mud run on St. Patrick's Day - so. much. fun. That's me in the middle!

Hilly Cinco de Mayo 10K with friends

Girls' Night celebrating our friend visiting

We ran into some trouble with the law...

Playing in downtown Tucson on Girl's Night

BB put his monkeys down for a nap while he napped. You know it's love if he shares his blanket. He called them "my boys" and named them Oggie and George. 

He also carried a small giraffe around for a week, calling her "my sweetie" and napping and feeding her. Sweet to see his nuture and imagination so active.

And finally, some photos of me meeting two very special people - new, little people. You should know that if you are a close friend of mine, there is a very good chance you are pregnant or have a newborn right now. Seriously. It's an epidemic.

This is my BFF R. She lives in Colorado but came home to visit, and we got to go on a date - child-free. It was incredible.

R has a newborn baby boy who I got to meet when she came home.

Visiting with R at a potluck in the park

R and J and Auntie Seen grew up as next-door neighbors! All these years later, we are all still connected and close. 

And in April, Team P added another teammate:
Baby K, who I like to think of as our currently-non-existent-but-futurely-prospective third child's best friend

 J and I drove to Phoenix to meet and cuddle this little man within 12 hours of his birth. We were in the waiting room at the birth of their first son, Little C, and made it up to Phoenix within 12 hours of the birth of their second son, Little A. We almost postponed our visit to meet Baby K until the next day, and then I just couldn't fathom not continuing our tradition and holding that baby as soon as possible! So glad we did!

Team P boys getting to know their new little brother

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  1. Such precious moments! I love the sweet sibling shots!