Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Easter Morning

Excited to see their Easter basket!

J and I tried to come up with a semi-unprocessed Easter basket (minus the Peeps of course). We included some Pirate's Booty, organic juice pouches, organic fruit snacks (these are totally junk food, but whatever, the boys loved them), a book about Jesus, and new U of A t-shirts (a great excuse to buy the boys U of A gear! They had almost outgrown/destroyed their current U of A stuff, and OUR BLOOD RUNS RED AND BLUE! so that just won't do). 

Happy boys discovering their treats

SS thought shaking the bags was the funnest thing ever. BB zeroed in on the book and immediately started reading, my little bookworm.

Family pics out in the yard before church

I attempted to take a picture of the boys together, of course, and of course, SS would not cooperate. This is the best shot (before SS really realized what was happening).




SS is a happy Easter boy by himself; BB looks like a little school boy

My cuties

I attempted reproducing our family photo  from last year, which I LOVE - we took this in the same place arriving to church, but eh, not so great. The boys were done with pictures.

Once we arrived at church, we jumped in the (crazy-longest-ever-of-any-year-snaking-around-the-entire-lawn) potluck breakfast line before BB had to report for duty for his performance!

Here are all the kiddos waiting to go sing their song at the beginning of the service. They sang Jesus, You're My Superhero, which is why they are wearing capes :) 

BB had missed most of the church services where the kids learned the song due to intermittent travel and illness, but we'd worked on the song at home a lot. I didn't know if he would be nervous or if he would sing, but he ended up singing the whole chorus a couple of times, and he LOVED when the action was jumping!

BB shouted "This is my fave-wit!" when they started jumping

Somewhere out there is a picture of all of us moms huddled in the center aisle with our cameras :) 

And here are our wonderful friends, who joined us for lunch. Remember when E was a little baby E? 

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