Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easter Lunch

We had lunch in J's parent's backyard after church. They had spent a lot of time beautifying their yard and Nacky had DIY'd some fun yard games for the kids to play.

Of course, I insisted on a group photo first thing.

And then when we wanted to get a family photo, BB decided it was time to dance and be silly - check out the sequence of postures in these photos. The last one just cracks me up.



Lunch - my contributions were the green bean casserole (from scratch - YUM) and a salad made completely with lettuce from my garden (!!! so cool, right?) and homemade ranch (using this recipe - so simple!). I also made these rolls that were supposed to be shaped like bunnies, but came out like some kind of devil/horny toad hybrid. I almost peed my pants when we pulled them out of the oven. 

And of course, the pinnacle of any meal - dessert. Shawna made a lemon cake filled with homemade lemon curd and covered in lemon buttercream frosting (the frosting was amazing), and J made strawberry cream pies (adding to the grand tradition of Vineyard pie-making men).

After lunch, it was time to hunt some eggs!

Armed with baskets and ready to hunt!

Little besties

SS didn't quite grasp the concept - see the eggs on the ground? Pretty sure he threw them.

Finding an egg with Daddy (who SS calls "Mama")

And then SS took another egg out of his basket and replaced the one he took. :) This is one of his favorite games at home, so it was funny to see him translate it to the egg hunt. 

Uncle Matt giving BB a lift to find an egg

Confetti eggs were a bit hit

With the kids AND the adults

Uncle J was a popular target

I love my precious niecies!

Happy Easter! 
Love, the Barking Baby family

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