Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Day it Snowed in Tucson

Snow is one of those events that happen so infrequently here in the sunny Southwest that it is always memorable. Everyone takes photos of their houses, neighborhoods, yards, the mountains, covered in the fleeting dusting, which is usually gone within a couple of hours. But this February, the snow actually stuck overnight! 

Here is our two cents, photographed by J while I was at work.
BB trekked out to play in the snowfall

He climbed atop the play structure and triumphantly shouted, "I'm the King of the snow ship!"

Somehow the lettuce survived the freeze!

Somehow the lettuce survived the freeze!


 Read how God spoke through this particular Tucson snowfall here.

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  1. Yup, lettuce can handle the snow and even a hard freeze! So can kale (any other greens, too), turnips (and any other roots), broccoli, cabbage, peas ... anything that you plant in the winter here :) Neat, huh? Another neat fact: the greens usually taste better after a good freeze! Especially kale.